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Core values


Our Code of Conduct

HZE is committed to basic core principles. Our company was founded 40 years ago, with innovation in mind. It is all about people. We design wastewater treatment plants, use geosynthetics and employ talented technicians with decades of experience in the execution of turnkey and BOT contacts.

Our Core Values


We are recognized by big-name manufacturing brands.

HZE is the leading supplier and developer of geosynthetic lining systems. We are the regional choice of consultants and agents for several world-famous corporations. Some impactful names we service are CMD Smith, GSE Lining Technology, Veolia Water North America, United States Army Corps of Engineers and Hyundai Engineering Company.

If you are located in the Middle East or beyond, HZE is the right choice for your lining, construction, and wastewater treatment plant development. Years of experience, established reputation and unmatched competence are our core principles of operation. Our guarantee is 100% satisfaction and professional execution for projects of all sizes.

The building blocks of our business

Exploring new technology and implementing it is one of our top priorities, to create stronger, more efficient structures. The issues that need solving might stay the same, but lining systems evolve and become more reliable. We implement these solutions.
Our employees are the building blocks of the business. We aim to create an environment of progress and achievement. Our outstanding compliance with safety regulations has enabled HZE to take countless large-scale BOT and turnkey contracts.
HZE employs talent and experience. With four decades in the field, we have developed a good sense of who makes a good and reliable employee. Our technicians are dedicated and execute projects professionally. We reward excellence.
Completing work according to deadlines is a necessary quality for a successful business. Whenever we create blueprints for new wastewater treatment plans, they comply with international standards and are completed during the allocated time frame.
Thinking out of the box helps us advance and create structures that have never existed before or are massively improved. HZE discovers ways to use better materials. For example, we choose ASTM standard insulation, which reduces heat transfer by 97%.
We have achieved a simple understanding; quality is everything. From the best materials to a reliable workforce, we consider every detail and offer a vast array of high-grade HDPE and PP products such as valves, fittings and pipes for distribution.