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Your Questions Answered

Whether you have a technical inquiry or would like clarification on a specific subject, our team has compiled a list of FAQ’s and answers that will help you understand HZE better.

What does HZE do?

The Hassan Zureikat Establishment is an environmental company that specializes in geosynthetic contracting. We provide conscious solutions in lining technology, water and wastewater treatment, construction, thermal insulation and such.

What is HZE’s mission?

We develop and install innovative geosynthetics today for a better future tomorrow. Our goal is to distribute internationally compliant equipment and practice ethical construction.

Can I trust HZE?

HZE was founded in 1982 and boasts 40 years of large-scale project execution experience success. We are the consultant and agent of choice to several world-famous manufacturers.

What kind of quality guarantee can I look forward to?

Thanks to extensive knowledge of the geosynthetics field, we can offer lining, planning, water treatment, and more services at a competitive price while utilizing and developing only the best materials available today.

Can you supply and install?

Yes, we understand our own technology best. With experience on privately owned properties and large-scale commercial projects, our team can provide you with the best service.