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Reliable Building Construction

Hassan Zureikat EST. constructs private and commercial properties, from the ground up. We use modern technology to establish innovative, complex, and practical structures that are resistant to the wear of time, weather conditions and other outside influences.

From high-end materials to competent engineers, we evaluate every building plot and build accordingly to its unique properties. From urban to remote, we create large-scale projects that are environmentally conscious and structurally sound.

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Building with Innovation in mind

Every project we take on raises a firm question: will the structure we build today stand 100 years from now? The answer has to be ‘’yes’’.

Reliable buildings have a smaller environmental footprint. With the prioritization of quality materials and an educated workforce, building integrity can be increased tenfold. This results in a generation-long solution to building material waste.

Building for tomorrow

Sustainable construction through current materials and innovative solutions lets us create a better environment for future generations.

Quality Assurance

40 years of experience has helped us build a reputation that speaks for itself. With highly skilled technicians, our partnership comes with a guarantee of completion and satisfaction. We see every project through to perfection.

For every service we offer, we employ a qualified expert who understands their field to the fullest, stays educated in current technology and has a pristine track record.

We employ experts with years of expertise and innovators that bolster a fresh approach. Together, they create an environment of professional execution and modern solutions.

Project Highlights

In 2017, the Orthodox Club Amman contracted HZE to rehabilitate the current structures and erect new buildings that could support the club’s needs. Nadi Orthodoxi is an enormous commercial sports complex that houses hundreds of visitors daily.

HZE’s responsibilities in the duration of this project were various steel and concrete structure works, such as the construction of buildings from the foundation up. Further involvement consisted of interior and exterior work and the installation of solar panels.

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