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Supply and Installation of Geosynthetic Materials

Supply and Installation of Geosynthetic Materials

HZE supplies and installs flexible turnkey geomembrane lining systems and associated materials. These structures provide containment of potable, sanitary or hazardous waste, liquid and industrial products located in cells, ponds, pits or lagoons.
We reinforce piping to prevent corrosion by installing internal lining and external coating. The principal components of lining systems are geosynthetic membranes ranging from 0.5 mm – 6.0 mm in diameter.

Services We Offer

Geocomposite Drainage systems
Wooven and Non Woven Geotextiles
Vertical barrier systems
Concrete protection systems
Clay liners
Specialty geomembranes
Concrete attachments
Leak Location Services
Geosynthetic clay liners

Leading Contractor in the Middle East

HZE is the number one contractor of geosynthetic lining systems in our region of expertise. With over 40 years of practice, our dedicated technicians deliver on leak-proof quality and employ a professional approach using high density polyethylene.

We maintain absolute knowledge of current technology and use most up-to-date machinery while providing competitive pricing, the best available materials in the market and a competent workforce.

Regional Agents of Choice

HZE upholds a high standard of integrity that has landed us partnerships with famous high HDPE manufacturers across the globe.

Quality Assurance

40 years of experience has helped us build a reputation that speaks for itself. With highly skilled technicians, our partnership comes with a guarantee of completion and satisfaction. We see every project through to perfection.

For every service we offer, we employ a qualified expert who understands their field to the fullest, stays educated in current technology and has a pristine track record.

We employ experts with years of expertise and innovators that bolster a fresh approach. Together, they create an environment of professional execution and modern solutions.

Project Highlights

Jeddah Landfill Cell 4 is a pristine example of a perfectly executed mass earthwork project. With a total area of 1,420,000.00 m2, HZE accomplished a daily lining rate of 15,000.00 m2.

Some tasks executed by our team included Geotextile fixing at the cell base and the implementation of a 4-layer lining system. Lining System realization was achieved in 130 days and required 24 units of heavy machinery.

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