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Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

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Development of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment is achieved through the involvement of geosynthetics. To prevent groundwater contamination, we build high-efficiency structures to contain water and prevent any leakage that could affect the groundwater table.

The mechanical treatment provides the creation of compatible water for different uses; drinking, agriculture and industrial. HZE specializes in reverse osmosis, biological removal of organic compounds, sludge stabilization and irrigation systems.

Services We Offer

Waste Water Treatment
Water Purification
Corrosion Protection
Internal Water Lining
Sewage Tank Treatment
Internal Sewage Lining
Water Management Solutions
Industrial wastewater treatment

Providing Quality Water Treatment Solutions

HZE offers a unique portfolio of innovative technologies and services for waste water treatment ranging from sewage to industrial effluents.

We maintain absolute knowledge of current technology and use most up-to-date machinery in water and waste water management to offer a tailored solution that ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability for each project.

Experts Of Choice

We continue to partner with many well-known manufacturers that have proven to be reliable and dependable.

Quality Assurance

40 years of experience has helped us build a reputation that speaks for itself. With highly skilled technicians, our partnership comes with a guarantee of completion and satisfaction. We see every project through to perfection.

For every service we offer, we employ a qualified expert who understands their field to the fullest, stays educated in current technology and has a pristine track record.

We employ experts with years of expertise and innovators that bolster a fresh approach. Together, they create an environment of professional execution and modern solutions.

Project Highlights

Ain Al-Basha wastewater treatment plant in Jordan is an excellent example of HZE’s involvement in the development of international standards compliant sewage water treatment solutions. This project was concluded in year 2016.

We supply and install leak-proof lining systems that are crucial in the development of successful water containment systems. Pipes, valves and pumps are also our specialization, allowing us to service water treatment plants on a large capacity.

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