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Al Qatrana Power Project

  • Al Qatrana Power Project

Al Qatraneh Power Project

The Al Qatraneh Power Project was executed on the premises of the 737 MW capacity natural gas power plant. Hassan Zureikat Establishment was contracted by Hyundai Engineering Company, for additional development work, and completed this contract in the established time frame.

HZE provided lining services to the second-largest energy plant in Jordan, spanning across an area of 10,000.00 m2. The project was completed in accordance with the highest international standards.

Quick Project Facts

Al Qatraneh – Jordan

10,000.00 m2


The Process

Project Overview

HZE was contracted to execute lining implementation for this project. By using appropriate materials, future leakage was eliminated. Durability, specifications, and strength were considered when deciding on the best course of action. The leak-proof lining system installation was an absolute success and the establishment of the new containment system was completed in year 2016


Every project features unique needs. For example, lining systems vary with each object, in layer count, thickness and type. We meet and exceed them.

HZE has been a leading supplier & installer of geosynthetic lining systems for over 40 years. We adhere to international standards and offer competitive pricing.