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Al Samra Tank Lining

  • Al Samra Tank Lining

Al Samra Tank Lining

The As-Samara wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was constructed to replace the previous, outdated complex. HZE received the BOT contract to provide lining for the tank structure.

Hassan Zureikat Establishment was tasked with the installation of quality lining that would prevent leakage and increase efficiency. With up to 230,000.00 m3 of daily water inflow, durability was a crucial factor to consider.

Quick Project Facts


25,000.00 m2


The Process

Project Overview

In 130 days, HZE laid four layers of lining on a total area of 1,420,000.00 m2. Our team cooperated to achieve a daily lining rate of 15,000.00 m2. Two boom trucks, two loaders, three tower lights, three welding machines, six generators, and six pickups were used. 4 other contracting teams were employed for different purposes in this mass earthworks project.


Every project features unique needs. For example, lining systems vary with each object, in layer count, thickness and type. We meet and exceed them.

HZE has been a leading supplier & installer of geosynthetic lining systems for over 40 years. We adhere to international standards and offer competitive pricing.