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Al Zorah Golf Course West Lake

  • Al Zorah Golf Course West Lake

Al Zorah Golf Course West Lake

The Outcome
HZE was the authorized Installer for GSE Lining during this contract. The West lake was backfilled after the installation of the base layer; 2 mm thick smooth black HDPE. 0.5 meters of sand were used for the intermediate layer.

1.5 mm thick white HDPE leak location liner, textured on slopes & smooth on the ground, was utilized for the top layer. Thorough spark testing was performed along the ground and sides, before the West lake was filled with water.

Quick Project Facts

Ajman – United Arab Emirates

39,000.00 m2


The Process

Project Overview

According to the Al-Zorah Golf Course blueprint, the development of two large-scale ponds was required. HZE was the subcontractor that executed the geosynthetic lining system needs for this contract. The leak-proof lining system installation was an absolute success and the establishment of these vast ponds was concluded in 2014, in accordance with international standards.


Every project features unique needs. For example, lining systems vary with each object, in layer count, thickness and type. We meet and exceed them.

HZE has been a leading supplier & installer of geosynthetic lining systems for over 40 years. We adhere to international standards and offer competitive pricing.