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Jeddah Landfill Cell 4, KSA

  • Jeddah Landfill Cell 4, KSA

Jeddah Landfill Cell 4, KSA

Four layers of lining material were used to construct Landfill Cell Number Four. This prevents the leakage of leachate or any decomposing substances into the natural bedrock. The collected waste is pumped out, by four submersible pumps, to an external Leachate Re-Treatment System.

This Cell is considered to be the largest ever built in Makkah Province, by area and volume. Its construction was performed up to the highest international standards.



1,420,000.00 m2


The Process

Project Overview

Alongside four other teams that had different responsibilities, HZE took on the task of lining works. In the final project stage, our team was contracted to line a total area of 1,420,000.00 m2 with geotextiles, lay out the materials, fix them to cell base, and finalize the project in accordance to international standards.


Every project features unique needs. For example, lining systems vary with each object, in layer count, thickness and type. We meet and exceed them.

HZE has been a leading supplier & installer of geosynthetic lining systems for over 40 years. We adhere to international standards and offer competitive pricing.