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Orthodox Club Amman

  • Orthodox Club Amman

Orthodox Club Amman

The Outcome

With a long history of operation, Nadi Orthodoxi has hosted thousands of visitors for different sports and recreational events. Because of the high volume of visits, it required serious structural rehabilitation.

HZE became the contractor that modernized and refreshed the commercial sports complex. Our establishment was responsible for steel structure works as well as concrete structure construction from the foundation to the roofing and solar instrallation.

Quick Project Facts

Amman - Jordan
300,000.00 m2

The Process

Project Overview

HZE was contracted to bring a fresh look to the orthodox club in Jordan.
Our team proceeded to erect various new buildings that could house various visitors for recreational activities. All construction materials used were of the highest quality, with a tremendously skilled workforce installing the necessary structures.


Every project features unique needs. For example, lining systems vary with each object, in layer count, thickness and type. We meet and exceed them.

HZE has been a leading supplier & installer of geosynthetic lining systems for over 40 years. We adhere to international standards and offer competitive pricing.