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Secondary Containmnet


Secondary Containmnet

Our secondary containment solutions function as an essential safety measure
to control and prevent any additional harm that may affect environment.

We focus on the use of specialized materials formulated to resist the affects of harsh materials and a proven track record of quality lining solutions are the keys to our success.

Services We Offer

Oil and gas tanks
On-site fueling tanks
Fuel Transfers
Chemical plants
Hazardous material storage
Large Generators

Quality Assurance

40 years of experience has helped us build a reputation that speaks for itself. With highly skilled technicians, our partnership comes with a guarantee of completion and satisfaction. We see every project through to perfection.

For every service we offer, we employ a qualified expert who understands their field to the fullest, stays educated in current technology and has a pristine track record.

We employ experts with years of expertise and innovators that bolster a fresh approach. Together, they create an environment of professional execution and modern solutions.

Safeguard measures

Our primary goal is to reduce any heat loss through piping and components. We develop structures that are efficient and reliable, reaching a high index of heat retention in sewage systems, municipal and industrial water piping and more.

HZE prides itself on competitive pricing, unmatched reputation, and a 100% partner satisfaction guarantee. We work in environmentally conscious ways.

A preferred partner

Hassan Zureikat Establishment is the consultant and agent of choice to several world-famous manufacturers.

Project Highlights

HZE has completed countless thermal insulation projects and is looking forward to becoming your partner. During our project on Orthodox Club Amman, thermal insulation was implemented during construction, to generate optimal heat transfer.

The process is crucial for efficiency and longevity of any building. Both private and commercial properties require it and can benefit from the use of appropriate thermal conduction material.

Interested to discuss a new project?

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